Downloading Data from the NMR Server

You can download raw NMR data directly onto your computer using any SFTP program.
For security reasons, you can only access the SFTP server when you are on campus or connected remotely via the campus VPN.

Cyberduck ( is a user-friendly SFTP program for Mac and Windows.
Here's how you use it:

1. Click the Open Connection button in the top left.
2. From the dropdown at the top, select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).
3. Enter the following connection information:
Username: miami
Password: miami

4. Click Connect. If an "Unknown Fingerprint" dialog appears, select Always then click Allow.
5. Open the folder for the NMR you want data from (e.g. nmr_200, nmr_300, nmr_500). Open your research group's folder, then the 'nmr' subfolder. Find your datasets and copy the folders to your computer (you can drag and drop onto your desktop). You can find NMR data from the older computers (i.e. before Jan 2015) in the old_nmr_x00 folders.
6. File transfers will appear in a new window. You may safely quit Cyberduck when the transfers are finished.